Available grades: DC01, E190, S235J2H, S355J2H
Welded precision tubes:
1) round according to EN 10305-3 (DIN 2394): from Ø10×1,5 mm114, 3×2 mm;
2) square according to EN 10305-5 (DIN 2395): from 15x15x1, 5 mm60x60x2 mm;
3) rectangular according to EN 10305-5 (DIN 2395): from 20x10x1, 5 mm80x40x2 mm.
Structural pipes according to EN 10219 (DIN2458):  from Ø21,3 x2 mm– Ø508×10mm;
Water/gas pipes according to EN 10204-2.2: from Ø21.3×1,6 to Ø76,1×3, 6 mm;
Seamless pipes according to EN 10210: from Ø10.2×1.6 mm660×100 mm.

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