About company

TiltsDespite the relatively short duration of the firm ‘s history, its founders and employees of rolled metal market has been running for more than a decade. This has gradually gained considerable technical expertise , reputation among customers and contacts with suppliers.

ANY Metal cooperate with rolled metal manufacturers and wholesalers in Germany , Italy, Denmark , Poland and other EU countries. We are focused on the identification of client’s wishes and understanding , mutual cooperation and long-term relationships . By helping your customers and partners to find the best solutions , we help ourselves , because our development and growth depends on our customers. We are always within their means fulfillment of their promises and do not promise what we can not meet.

For our clients we offer the following types of rolled metal : stainless steel ( sheets, tubes , rods and profiles ) , steel (sheet , welded pipes , seamless tubes, etc.) , as well as aluminum and non-ferrous metals ( copper, brass , bronze , zinc, etc. ) .

Details can be found in the relevant sections of the material .

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